Johannes Augustin

With fourteen years I was already convinced: I want to become a rider. And all this although I do not come from a very horseloving family. But my youth at the Ponyclub Dinklage, which I later on spent with well known names of show jumping sport such as Ulrich Kirchhoff, Dieter Smitz und Jörg Kreutzmann, had already sparked  the enthusiasm for horses.

I completed my apprenticeship as a Equestrian (raising and breeding) at Josef Kathmann in Haustette. Subsequently, I went to Rideing-Master Jean Bemelmanns in Krefeld, where I passed my exam to Equestrian Master. I stayed there up to the Master-Exam. In 1990 I changed to the stable Kasselmann to Hagen a.T.W.. There, I became acquainted with the legend of training Franz Kukuk, the art of work in hand.


In 1992, I established the stable for training at Sporthotel Ankum and became independent. We moved in our current domicile in Menlag in 2003. Here, I am going to be perfectly supported from my wife Julia and our team. And how it should be otherwise, both our daughters Hanna-Lena and Pia are "infected with the horse virus".